It’s On!

12 Nov

The challenge is officially on. I did my initial test to see where I stand for the 100 Push Up Challenge and completed 15 straight leg (aka man) push ups. I’ll be starting Week 1 Day 1  on Monday in the 3rd column.

Can’t wait to see where the rest of you will be starting!

Week 1 Day 1

rest 60 seconds between each SET (longer if required)

up to 5 push ups 6 – 10 push ups 11 – 20 push ups
set 1 2 6 10
set 2 3 6 12
set 3 2 4 7
set 4 2 4 7
set 5 max (at least 3) max (at least 5) max (at least 9)

Let me know how many push ups you did on your initial test by Saturday and I’ll get the chart up.

After I let my upper body rest for a bit I finished fixing dinner which was one of my favorites.

Curry Chicken lettuce wraps with garlic roasted broccoli yum!

Curry Chicken

Well time to rest up for my 8 mile run with mom tomorrow.


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