18 Nov

Tuesday I did something I’ve never done before.  I decided to get my run in on my lunch break since I couldn’t make myself get up and run in the pouring rain.  It turned out to be such a beautiful sun filled 3.6 mile run (33 minutes).  I ran a bit faster than normal and I could definitely feel the difference when running.

I think I got my love for running from my mom.  I bet my first few runs were probably with her before heading off to school in the morning.  She is such an inspiration and  motivates me to push myself just as hard as she does.

She is also training for the 1/2 marathon this January.  This week we are scheduled to get a 8.5 mile run in but when I got an email from her this afternoon I was shocked and delighted.  Here is part of her email… “I waited for it to warm up and ran for 90 min. from 11:30 – 1:00.  Mapmyrun says it was 9.37 mi. to Dollar’s Corner and back… “

I guess I need to get my butt in gear and step it up a notch!

Tuesday wasn’t only a change up in exercise.  I also decided to stray from my beloved oatmeal for a day.  I made myself an open face egg white sandwich with homemade walnut-arugula pesto and meunster cheese.  It was melty goodness!

I finished the day up with a pork, apple and white bean salad and some left over cranberry apple dessert which by the way was a bit too tart.


On Wednesday I went back to my normal oatmeal routine after walking Joe in the morning.  I made a quick lunch: toasted seed bread sandwich with hummus, spinach and muenster cheese.  Once I got home from work I pumped out my push ups for Day 2.  I was still feeling stiff from Day 1 but am glad was able to finish my 5 sets.  Only 1 more day in week 1 and then just 5 weeks more to go!

I threw together a quick quesadilla for dinner.

Flat out wrap, colby jack cheese, spinach, pork, red onion with plain yogurt to dip in.

My mom came over to watch Twilight with me and we had some cranberry apple crisp.  She agreed that it was a bit too tart so I’ll definitely have to re-work it.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another rainy day so I may try another lunch break run.  Hope I can motivate myself to get in at least a 9 mile run this weekend.

How do you motivate yourself to exercise? Having a goal to work towards (like this 1/2 marathon and push up challenge) motivates me to work hard so that I can complete what I’ve set out to do.  Results also help motivate.


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