A Fellow Runner

19 Nov

Today I realized another reason why I love running.  I had committed to running on my lunch break (5.2 miles in 51 minutes), which turned out to be a great decision.  No rain at all!  I wanted a change of pace, so I took my run to the water front.  There were a few other runners out there and every single one either nodded, waved or even said hello as we went past each other.

I love feeling like part of this extremely large group of fellow runners that don’t know each other but understand some of the reasons why you run, and give you kudos for it.  I like to take part in many of the runs the Clark County Running Club puts on, which includes my upcoming 1/2 marathon.  So many of the runners at these event are the same as the runners I encountered today.  They give you encouraging words as you run along, no matter if they are ahead or behind you.  This kind of support and encouragement can help push you through during a difficult run.

I recently read a fun article about running in groups, check it out if you’re interested.

Since I had decided in the wee hours of the morning that my run would be mid-day, I wanted to start with a energy packed breakfast.  I added a little something special to my banana almond oatmeal — chocolate!

It was perfect and reminded me of childhood.  I think I’ll go for pumpkin tomorrow morning, yum.

After I finished my run I was feeling pretty hungry so I scarfed down an odwalla bar and toasted seed bread sandwich with roasted red pepper hummus, spinach and muenster cheese.  I think this is my new favorite sandwich.

Dinner was fun to make tonight.  I decided to try to make Eggplant Parmesan which I have never attempted… I don’t think I’ve even made Chicken Parmesan to tell you the truth.  I modified a recipe from my Clean Eating Magazine and it’s posted in the recipes for you.  It was DELICIOUS!  It had nice flavor and crispiness to it.  I served a spinach salad and wheat berry with pine nuts along side.

Let me know what you think when you try out the recipe.

Now don’t worry, I haven’t forgot my promise to post the recipes from Monday.  I will get them up before the weekend is over.

Enjoy your Friday – push up Day 3 of Week 1.  Can’t wait!


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