Cranberries Make Me Happy

25 Nov

I got everything done that I had planned.  The grocery store was way too busy, the cranberry sauce turned out perfect and I enjoyed some more turkey.  Here’s a shot of a bit I’m sharing with my buddy Elaine.

Today started out a bit different from normal.  Well… not the walk with Joe in the morning, but my breakfast was totally switched up.  I made an omelet topped with pesto and had a large banana along side.  I didn’t feel as satisfied as I do with my oatmeal… I’ll probably be back to that tomorrow.

My mid morning snack was even more enjoyable than it has been the last few days.  I had half a cranberry, cream cheese, herb turkey and spinach sandwich.

The cranberry sauce went perfectly with the cream cheese.  After work I threw together some pork n beans with roasted acorn squash.  Currently Jacob is working on installing a new bathroom counter top, sink and faucet.  Once he finishes that the rest of the evening will be spent relaxing watching some Damages.  Oh how I enjoy that show.  It totally sucks you in and you can’t stop watching.

Day 2 of push ups was sooo much better than Monday.  I actually did 1 more than the required max!  That’s the first time I’ve been able to do that.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.  I’m going to go enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie right now!


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