Thanksgiving Ends

28 Nov

Thanksgiving is officially over… sad 😦 

I really enjoyed my time with family on both Thursday and Friday.  I’d say I fully indulged on my second Thanksgiving meal more than the first.  Better only 1 day than 2, right??

I was able to easily recruit my 2 aunts to join the push up challenge.  Both of them have done the most consecutive push ups in the initial test so far (25 and 26).  Very impressive!  This means they’ll skip along to week 3 and join everyone else on Monday.

I didn’t have the chance to get as much exercise in as I’d like but each day I’ve managed to do something active.  On Thanksgiving day I ran 6 miles (57 minutes), Friday I got my push ups done in the AM and Saturday morning had a nice 2 – 2.5 mile hike with family.

The next few weeks I’ll be recipe experimenting.  My aunts do a lot of hiking and want a savory bar to eat instead of sweet.  Hopefully I can come up with something nutritious and delicious.

We’ll be heading back home soon today.  Tomorrow I’ve got a long 9.5 – 10 mile run planned plus the push up exhaustion test.  This test will really show how far everyone has come along so far in their push up journey.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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