Abs n Spiced Pancakes

3 Dec

Wednesday morning I could feel the ab work from last nights yoga, but even with that slight discomfort I wanted to give them a good well deserve workout.  I did about 30 minutes of ab work and I can really feel it now.  It’s more than just a slight discomfort.  I can really feel it along my sides too.  I don’t mind this kind of discomfort is good though.  I know I’m actually making them work!

For breakfast I created a spiced whole wheat protein pancake batter and cooked up 3 cakes for myself.  I topped them off with a glob of almond butter and apple sauce.

There was some cottage cheese and egg whites in there to give it a good protein boost and they really kept me full past when I normally need my mid morning snack.

This lunch wasn’t too exciting (but still delicious!).  I had the rest of the left over butternut squash soup and pork n beans mixed with some greek yogurt.

Not too colorful huh??

Good thing I made another spinach, banana and PB smoothie for the afternoon!

After the refreshing smoothie I decided that we’d have more greens for dinner, plus I was in the mood for something lighter.  Our salad was full of spinach,mixed greens, roasted chicken and pear.  Along side we had some asparagus and a squash wheat roll (well I did, not Jacob).

Before I forget I also completed day 2 of week 3 push ups!  The total for the day was 100!!  To bad I wouldn’t have been able to do them all consecutively.


I didn’t end up running like I sorta planned this morning.  Instead I took Joe on a walk in the freezing cold.  Really it was freezing, probably in the 20-30s.

I made the same pancake mix I had yesterday morning.  No pic since it would look the same as above.

Lunch, I’ve gotta say was just what I needed.  I smeared some mashed avocado on a couple pieces of toasted seed bread with some egg whites, spinach and tomato.  A couple of clementines to balance it out 🙂

At the moment I’ve got some Mediterranean style meatloaf in the oven.

I’ll let you know how it is!


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