Achilles Pain :(

5 Dec

Thursday night’s meatloaf turned out sooo good. Jacob just gobbled it down (that’s when I know he likes something).  I made it with lamb and feta.  Both were really strong flavors that complimented each other so well.  Salad on the side of course.

Friday morning I didn’t get up an exercise since I knew I’d be running in the afternoon.  I made a new variation of pancakes – CHOCOLATE

I just added some cocoa powder to the mix to give it a hint of chocolate.  Normally I make 3 pancakes but I was feeling like having a couple double stack so I made 4 smaller cakes.  PB and apple sauce made them puurrfect!

I kept lunch small since I had a green spinach shake ready to drink down on my way home before my long run.

Warmed squash wheat roll with avocado, chicken, spinach and tomato.

I’m going to work on perfecting these rolls (and make them 100% whole wheat) then I’ll get the recipe to you.  You will love them!

So I drank down my shake, got ready for my run and took off.  I decided I’d run from my house to my parents house and then have Jacob pick me up.  I’m not ready to run there and back since one way is 8.6 miles.

Sadly around mile 2 my left Achilles started to hurt.  I took some time, stretched a bit, walked a bit and tried running some more.  The pain went away a bit but kept coming back.  I made it to my parents in 87 minutes despite a ton of walking but I really should have just walked or called someone to pick me up.  I iced it for about 15-20 minutes and have just had trouble walking since then.  This morning it still hurts even to walk.  I’m feeling pretty down and worried that I hurt it too much.  I hope I’ll be able to get back to running soon since the 1/2 marathon is just 1 1/2 months away, but I’ll just have to take it easy til the pain is gone.

OKAY enough bad news.

GOOD news – I had some yummy creamy oatmeal this morning for breakfast.  Banana, plain greek yogurt and almond butter… so good.
Since I didn’t get my push ups done on Friday I’m about to do them now.

I’ve finally put my Cranberry Sauce recipe up.  Check it out!

Jacob and I are going to clean the house up a bit then get a Christmas tree, yay!  Lights, decorations and wreaths this weekend.  It’s Christmas time!


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