Creative Weekend and Over Indulgence

8 Dec

Wow I can’t believe the weekend blew by along with Monday!  Here are my food and creative highlights from the weekend.

We got our tree all decorated!  Joe just couldn’t stay out of the picture (G0 Cougs!!).

I love how full the tree is.  It turned out to be a bit difficult to find one that we likes but we did succeed!  It was a ton of fun.

My lunch was a slight variation from the acorn squash my mom made me earlier in the week.  I added black beans to boost the protein, and skipped the cheese.  Gosh it was good!

I was very excited about dinner.  We planned to try out this little taco place walking distance from our house.  Check out my review of Woody’s Tacos.  Notice how similar my lunch and dinner turned out… I guess I know what I like!

Sunday was a creative day.  I made wreaths with my mom and sister in law.  We made a bunch of cute normal wreaths and then 2 of these:

Isn’t it pretty?  It’s full of real fruit!  I wish I could say that I thought of this but here is where the idea and instructions came from.  We should have started making them earlier if possible because the fruit took much longer than we thought it would to dry out.  It’s hanging on my door at work making my office smell like citrus!

We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies during the wreath making exhibition too and I may have did over indulged in them.  When I got home I felt kinda sick.  I needed veggies!

Twin salads for Jacob and I were in order.  Spinach, red lettuce, apple, shallot and sliced almonds made me feel rejuvenated!

Monday morning I felt a little bloated from my over indulgence the day before so I made sure to eat more carefully and get in as much H2O in as possible.

My oatmeal with banana n almond butter was followed mid morning with a green smoothie!

And some grapes

I love having breakfast for lunch.   I made a 1 egg + 2 egg whites omelet with feta and smashed black beans in it.  Along the side had a sweet potato sprinkled with curry and cumin powder and ketchup.  The combo of sweet potato, curry and ketchup calls me every time!

Later than normal in the afternoon (guess lunch held me over!) I snacked on a gala apple and a handful of almonds.

To round out the night I made a couple of pizzas for Jacob and I.  I say a couple because I knew he wouldn’t want my toppings so I had him top his own.  Here’s Jacobs:

Pesto, chicken, red pepper, shallot, arugula and cheese (mozzarella, colby jack and feta).  Boy likes his cheese!


Acorn squash/pesto, mushrooms, red pepper, shallot, artichoke, feta and tomato.  Both were made with whole wheat crusts of course.  I think Jacob’s actually starting to like it!

Which one would you want to eat?

I didn’t forget about exercise this weekend/Monday.  Saturday I got through my day 3 of week 3’s push ups.  Sunday I took a day to rest, plus I don’t really want to try to run yet.  Monday I got a 15 minute ab workout in, and did day 1 of week 4’s push ups.  Check out everyone’s push up status on The Challenge tab.

Right now I’m munching on my breakfast – 2 pieces of seed bread toast with PB.  Super easy plus hardly any dishes to take care of!

Have a great Tuesday, you made it past Monday!


One Response to “Creative Weekend and Over Indulgence”

  1. Erica December 8, 2009 at 10:28 am #

    Isn’t acorn squash the best? I have one on tap to use during two of my dinners this week- can’ wait! I love finding new ingredients to stuff it with! Love the NMA wreath. Such a cute idea. The tree looks great!

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