The Reveal

14 Dec

Are you ready to hear what I’ve been working on??  Well I’m ready to share!

Lately I’ve been thinking a bit about what I post on here, and other than my running or push up challenge, it doesn’t include much fitness related info.  I’ve mainly been focusing on food, which is a HUGE part of a healty lifestyle.  I do believe that we are what we eat.  Eating healthy is only part of it though.  Exercise is the other big piece in the puzzle.  I exercise because I know I’m strengthening my body, and it’s something that I’ve come to need to bring a sense of balance in my life.  It’s my way to relieve stress.  Also, if you’re trying to lose weight it is the second most important part (first being what you eat of course) of a weight loss plan.

It’s easy to put exercise off.  As you can probably tell from looking at my past week it hasn’t been the number 1 priority.  When life gets in the way, exercise tends to go away (nice little rhyme huh?).  Well it’s time to banish excuses and focus for a mere 5-10 minutes a day on something new.  I introduce to you the Move Of The Day.

Every Monday through Friday I’ll post a new exercise move to do.  Each day will have a different focus.

Monday – Lower body

Tuesday – Abs

Wednesday – Upper body

Thursday – Yoga

Friday – Cardio/Combo Move

Alright so are you ready to do this?  I’ll be starting out with some basic moves the first week or two.

The lower body Move Of The Day for today is the  Squat.  Check it out and I hope you do these exercises with me each day!


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