80 Minutes and Pork Pizza

16 Dec

Yesterday running along the 1/2 marathon course was great.  We started out in the rain 😦 and then got more rain (double :() but then the rain stopped after about 20 minutes.  The next 40 minutes were so comfortable and easy.  The last 20 were not.  We ran against the wind and it made the flat course seem like an incline.  My achilles only hurt for only a minute which was nice, but then my knee started hurting real bad the last 10 minutes of so.  We ran a total of 80 minutes (probably 8 ish miles).

I’ve decided a trip to the Chiro is definitely in order.  I want these pains to go away for good.

For dinner I tried out an almond flour pizza crust HEAB sent me.  I REALLY liked this crust!

I topped it with some homemade blackberry chipotle bbq sauce, pulled pork, spinach, aged white cheddar and parm.  I’d definitely make something like this again.

After dinner I did my move of the day and watched Terminator Salvation with Jacob.  I was pretty tired from the run so relaxing on the couch was in order.

So today’s m.o.t.d will focus on your upper body with the Extended Bicep Curl.  If you don’t have weights you can always use bands or some cans of tomato sauce…  whatever you’ve got around.

Have fun!


3 Responses to “80 Minutes and Pork Pizza”

  1. Gelareh @ Orange Truffle December 16, 2009 at 12:15 pm #

    Hi Heather!

    I saw your comment over at Carrots and cake blog and wanted to stop by and make a comment I hope you don’t mind. Although beet juice is very yummy and good for you, because of its higher sugar content it is better if you eat the beet rather juice it so the fibers help you wash down the sugar. If you prefer the juice you would want to mix it with juice of other green vegetables to balance it out. couple of my favs is spinach/kale/beet/green apple/lime
    Hope you don’t mind the comment

    • Heather December 16, 2009 at 5:23 pm #

      I don’t mind at all. I guess I’ll clarify my comment about beat juice. Since it is higher in sugar I actually wanted to use it to sweeten up other things, like smoothies or sauces, not to drink straight up. Great mix ideas though!


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