The Power of Pancakes

30 Dec

Last night I made these pancakes for dinner.  I changed the recipe up a bit to use ingredients I had at home.  Instead of the sweet potato I used pumpkin, millet flour instead of wheat bran, quinoa flour instead of coconut flour and hemp protein powder instead of the vanilla.  Also I added some cinnamon, but no optional sweetener.  I drizzled on some almond butter and devoured ALL of them.  They puffed up so much when I cooked them, but deflated before even making it to the plate :(.

I really liked how light they were.  My batch made 12 small pancakes, and according to Deb all of them totaled only 400 calories.  I’m sure my batch is a bit different since I switched up some ingredients but still only 400 calories (+ my almond butter) for a super filling meal.  I don’t really count calories, but it was good to know that even though I felt like I ate way more calories, because of the fluffed up egg whites it turned out to be a pretty low calorie count for so much food.  I didn’t get hungry later into the evening and normally I want an evening snack.  I was very impressed with the filling power of these pancakes!

It snowed a ton last night and it’s still all over the ground this morning so I didn’t run like I’d hoped too.  Instead I did yesterday’s move of the day, and today’s move as well.  Today’s move of the day focuses on the upper body, and more specifically your shoulders — the lateral raise.

I hope we get even more snow, but sadly it’s unlikely :(.

What I’m munching on now: oatmeal with banana, flax, cashew/almond butter and cinnamon.

My tummy’s feeling very satisfied right about now.  Happy Wednesday!


One Response to “The Power of Pancakes”

  1. marla (Family Fresh Cooking) December 30, 2009 at 2:30 pm #

    The pancakes sound great! Would the addition of baking powder keep them fluffy???? Hmmmmm. not sure

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