Intervals and a New Challenge

31 Dec

I’m so glad it’s Thursday because really it’s more like Friday!  Another day off from work tomorrow, and another day to spend time with Jacob at the relaxing lake house 🙂  So excited!

Yesterday I tried out a new soup for lunch – Amy’s Curried Lentil soup

It was really good in my opinion.  I liked how bean-y it was and not too curry-sh, just right.  It was especially tasty dipping my pumpernickel bread in it.  Had a carrot for good measure and 2 bittersweet chocolate almond butter cups left over from xmas just because they’re so yum yum yummy.  The one pictured below has yet to be devoured but I ate them before taking a picture.

Jacob and I went over to my parentals last night for dinner and games.  I got to take advantage of the treadmill and make the workout a bit less boring.  I FINALLY did some interval training and it made the workout go by so much quicker.

Here’s what I did:

10 minute warm up jog
11 minutes of intervals – 30 sec sprint (speed 8.5) followed by 60 sec jog (sp 6) X 6, then one 60 sec sprint (sp 8.5)
12 minute cool down jog
Total workout 33 minutes and 3.2 miles done.

After the run I did 5 minutes of ab work ending the with the hundred.  If you don’t know what the hundred is then check it out this upcoming Tuesday.  I’ll have this be the move of the day.  It kills your abs!

My mom made a yummy dinner of brown rice with stir fry chicken and veggies + homemade rockyroad frozen custard for dessert.  So rich but so good!  I do believe after my exercise I was entitled to this dessert 🙂

I took this morning off from exercise.  It may turn into a rest day or maybe I’ll do a little exercise tonight.  We’ll see how the day goes.  I had a bowl of shredded apple, cinnamon and cashew/almond butter oats for breakfast this mornin.

It was sweet and tart at the same time from the apple.  Nice change up from the banana.

I’m going to start a new challenge on Monday.  The 100 push up challenge really was a challenge and I liked the structure of the program.  This time it’s going to be a 200 sit up challenge.  I already have 5 others that will be doing this with me.  Feel free to follow the program too!

Lastly I’ll end with today’s move of the day.  Thursday is yoga day and we’ll be working on a balance posture:  Tree Pose.  Balance postures can be difficult as first, but with practice you will improve!

Enjoy your last day in 2009


One Response to “Intervals and a New Challenge”

  1. marla (Family Fresh Cooking) December 31, 2009 at 1:30 pm #

    I had a very similar bowl of oatmeal this morning….topped with scrambled eggs for protein. It was so yummy! I like the diced fresh apples in my oats too. I also did 3 sets of hundreds this morning. They help rock the core! Happy New Year!

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