Hike: Cedar Butte

3 Jan

One thing I asked for as a present for Christmas was a book of hikes in the Northwest.  I received one from my aunts, but haven’t made it out on a hike yet :(

Arlene and Arneta, my two aunts up in Seatte, enjoy a lot of hiking.  I think they kind of inspired me to go hiking more often.  It’s such a nice change of pace and being outdoors surrounded by trees and nature is a wonderful, natural stress reliever.

I’m happy to say that the first hike on this website, and the first hike for 2010 is written by my aunt Arlene.

Hike: Cedar Butte (WA)


First Hike of 2010

The great thing about hiking New Year’s weekend is that you get to use all the gear you received as Christmas presents.  Arneta had her new camel pack, and I got to use my new pink Klean Kanteen water bottle, my new Rocky Mountain Low Gaiters, and my new monocular (although next time I will not put the monocular in the bottom of my pack; no bird is going to wait around while I dig it out to get a good look at him). For our treat at the summit, we shared sandwiches made of  “Darrel and Sons” Christmas Pumpernickel bread and Heather’s Chocolate Peanut Butter spread which was a part of a spectacular bag of holiday treats homemade by Heather.

I got to use another Christmas gift as we picked the hike from a card deck Arneta purchased for me at Queen Anne Books (one of our favorite Seattle bookstores). We did a 4 mile round trip hike to Cedar Butte. The trail starts on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail (part of the Iron Horse State Park, which was once a railway through the Snoqualamie Pass), and in about .8 miles takes off and up to the 1880 feet (gaining about 800 feet in 1.2 miles). The hike was very pleasant (and the climb very reasonable for post-holiday hikers) and remarkable for the lack of people on a Saturday morning of a 3 day weekend.  We met only two other groups heading in as we were heading out around 10:30.

Arneta and I did find the summit marker amusing. The 1937 U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey marks the location as “Ceder Butt.”  So, we have all been spelling (and saying) it wrong all these many years.


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