Hike: Squak Mtn Double Peak Loop

26 Feb
Hike: Squak Mtn Double Peak Loop (WA)
By Arlene


Given the name of the hike (Double Peak Loop) we should have not have been so surprised at the amount of up and down we did as we explored the many sides of Squak Mountain (located near Issaquah). We hike a little under 7 miles with over 2000 foot elevation gain (more if you do a cumulative calculation).  

 The most challenging part of the day was the extra time required to get out our maps and guidebooks to make sure we were on the correct route. To make the loop, we hiked Pretzel Loop Trail, May Valley Trail, Bullitt Creek Trail, Perimeter Loop Trail, West Peak Trail, Summit Trail, Phil’s Creek Trail, and probably others I have forgotten.  

 The best view of the day was at “Debbie’s Viewpoint” which gave us a vista that included Mount Rainier to Mount Baker.  

Mt Rainier from Debbie’s Viewpoint on Squak Mountain

 There were two very remarkable highlights from today’s hike. One was the absence of people given the mountain’s proximity to Issaquah and Seattle. I have read that Squak is the least popular of the Issaquah Alps. It’s not clear why this should be given the good trail condition, the views, and the ease of getting to the mountain. 

 The other surprise of the day was ALL THE SUNSHINE.  For the first time in 2010 Arneta and I hiked with our sunglasses, and actually put them on a couple times. This was also one of the only times we did not hike with full rain gear.  

Arneta at Debbie’s Viewpoint

 I need to remember the old bait and switch of Pacific Northwest winters. Often there is a very nice warm spell in February (peas get planted, lawns mowed) only to get a cold blast or weeks of gray skies in March or early April. We aren’t going to put our rain pants away quite yet. 



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