Veggie Sunday

15 Mar

After my vacation swim at the time share pool last week I was excited to do some lap swimming when I got back home.  Jacob even wants to get his swim on with me too!!  I checked online to find out when the neighborhood pool opens in the morning and found out it closed as of Feb 28th.  Sad, I never got a chance to swim there and it was so close to my house. 

Luckily there’s another pool about 1.5 miles away from home and it’s actually the pool I used to swim in when I was on a swimming team growing up.  It’ll be interesting to see how the place looks now that I’m not a kid anymore.

I guess what I’m going to take away from this is to not procrasticate when there’s something I want to do that may be new or challenging.  I had been wanting to try out the pool when I discovered it almost 2 years ago but never made the time and now the opportunity is gone.

Okay, enough about that.  Let’s get to some food!  Sunday turned into a veggie day.  Just what I wanted and my body needed.

Lunch was a delicious whole wheat naan topped with 1/2 a smashed avocado, black eyed peas and tomato with a side of sliced zucchini.

I dehydrated some sweet potato chips for my afternoon snack using my new mandolin!!

They turned out okay.  I’m used to my sweet potato being… well sweet.  These were only slightly sweet and had more of a mealy texture to them.

Dinner was fun.  I made BBQ Black-eyed Pea-Collard Rolls (recipe from Matt)

The wraps were filled with black eyed peas, mushrooms, spinach and home made BBQ sauce.  I tried to eat it with my hands and it ended up exploding on me.  I ate 4, Jacob ate 2. Guess he wasn’t the biggest fan.  He said that the filling was good, he just didn’t like the wrap.  Lucky him I have extra filling so he’ll be enjoying that over some rice sometime this week.

I’m such a lucky lady.  Jacob is so willing to try out my food experiments.  The good and the bad 🙂  This was a good meal in my book!


After 20 minutes of yoga this morning I had a yummy bowl of pumpkin chia oats with 2 egg whites whisked in and topped with almond butter and pumpkin seeds.  Could I ask for anything more??

Check out this chia seed giveaway and granola recipe I know I’ll be trying!


5 Responses to “Veggie Sunday”

  1. Erica March 16, 2010 at 2:19 am #

    YUM! I love veggies! Your avocado mixture on top of the Naan totally reminds me of the sammy I had out this weekend at a deli. Smashed avocado is deliciousness. Ah! Matt’s recipes are so fun! I have been wanting to try those collard wraps ever since I first saw them. You should also make the cornmeal pancake and black bean topping recipe he has on his blog. Both Josh and I loved this. Enjoy the swimming- such great exercise

  2. Nicole March 16, 2010 at 2:39 am #

    I am so jealous of your mandolin!! So fun! The collard rolls look like s southern delight!!! Mmm!

  3. Gina (@ Looking Forward) March 16, 2010 at 8:20 am #

    I just recently tried adding egg white to my oats and I love it! The texture is really great!

  4. caronae March 16, 2010 at 7:42 pm #

    I regret not swimming more too! Sorry about the sweet potato chip failure; they sounds like they’d be really good. Maybe you didn’t dehydrate long enough, or they need some added spices?

    And that bowl oats looks like absolute breakfast perfection!


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