Rode in, Rode out

24 Mar

The 4.25 mile bike ride in the work happened yesterday and went like so…

I fueled my ride with breakfast part 1: three of my pina colada breakfast bars and a cup of chai tea. 

Perfect amount of food to give me energy but not make me feel bloated and stuffed. 

The ride went pretty well.  I set out at 6:40am which was perfect because it was light enough to see and be seen but still early enough that the traffic wasn’t too heavy. 

The ease of the actual biking was comforting.  I didn’t push myself as hard as I could have, but that’s mainy because I didn’t want to be drenged in sweat when I got there.  I made it to work in 30 minutes, only slighty sweaty because I over dressed.

Once changed, harified and makeupifed (total words right?) I was ready for breakfast part 2: spinach egg sammy smeared with the last of my sundried tomato hummus.

Every bite was enjoyed along with a big cup of earl grey tea.

Things I learned from my first bike ride into work

1. I sweat.  I should bring a towl to wipe it off.
2. Sweat doesn’t smell good.  I remembered deo but not perfume.
3. My backpack was really full and heavy from my food for the day + work clothes and shoes.  Next time I’ll leave my work clothes there the day before.
4. Reaching for my water bottle while biking is tricky.  I need to use my hydration pack.
5. Even though it’s 38 degrees out doesn’t mean I should dress like I’m on the mountain.  I’ll wear less layers next time which hopefully will mean less sweat.

Luckily I keep a secret weapon at work.

Not the messy desk… my favorite Juicy Couture body lotion.  It’s like having the perfume there it smells SOOO good.

The ride back home went even better than into work.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day so I decided to take a slightly different route home that was a bit longer (4.6 miles), somewhere I’d never traveled before and avoided the scary hill I didn’t want to climb didn’t have as busy traffic.

Once I got on the bike to head out I could already feel how sore my bum was!  Bruises will definately be there tomorrow. 

I was so much more energized after work than when heading in.  I powered up the inclines and felt fast and furious.  I biked for the same 30 minutes but went 0.35 miles longer.. nice!

I’m so glad I finally rode in to work.  I’d been thinking about it since last summer but after what happened with the pool I wasn’t going to put it off any longer.

I can’t wait to ride into work on Thursday.  What a great way to get almost 9 miles of riding in!


Today will be a restorative day.  I took Joe for a 25 minute walk + 10 minutes of foam rolling.   My hamstrings were so sore but I can already tell they feel better after foam rolling.

I tuckered Joe out.  What a cutie 🙂

I’m probably going to do some light yoga or stretching tonight just to get the blood flowing.

Have a great Wednesday!!


3 Responses to “Rode in, Rode out”

  1. Gina (@ Looking Forward) March 24, 2010 at 8:35 am #

    I owuld love to bike to work…it’s just under 3 miles, but the huge hills are so intimidating!

  2. Erica March 24, 2010 at 11:09 am #

    Those bars sound awesome! Coconut flour? Never even heard of it- whole foods? I wish I could bike to work…that is awesome! What a delicious bfast sammy- especially with the addition of the sun dried tomato hummus. Joe is SUCH a cutie 😉 Love a sleepy puppy

  3. eatingRD March 26, 2010 at 1:34 pm #

    Yay!! You were rockin’ that ride to work 🙂 I have to bring my stuff in the day before and usually always end up forgetting something. I still haven’t mastered the water bottle grab, I get too wobbly so I usually take my camelbak which is like taboo for cyclists, but oh well at least I’m hydrated! lol and those bars look awesome, have a great weekend!

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