Trail Warriors

7 May

Hike: Dirty Harry’s Peak (WA)
By Arlene


Most hikers I know think a lot about their feet and their boots. Having suffered blisters on my heels, bleeding toenails, aching arches, and long days with wet socks, I understand this obsession. Today’s hike was a good reminder about how much I appreciate a pair of good fitting, water resistant, and sturdy hiking boots.

Today we traveled through rocks, water, and snow toward Dirty Harry’s Peak. The Peak, Trail, and Balcony are all named for an independent logger who got machinery up this steep hillside and huge logs down it (there are still many rusted artifacts of his logging operation along the trail).

The first challenge of this trail was hiking over the endless number of large rocks and boulders which caused lots of twisting, foot pounding, and a bit of slipping. Whenever we hit a patch of soft forest floor, it felt like putting on cozy slippers.

Walking down the rock filled trail

The second challenge was the water. Often hikes are described as having a bit of “water on the trail.” At times today, I would have described the condition as “having a bit of trail under the water.”

The stream and trail become one

The final challenge was the snow which was a bit more treacherous on steep, rocky slopes. We were pleasantly surprised to not hit any snow until about 3000 feet.

Snow on trail at about 3500’

On the way back to the trailhead we took a detour to a ledge known as Dirty Harry’s Balcony which gave us some views of nearby peaks (and I-90) as well as a bit of sunshine to warm our spirits and our feet.

View from Dirty Harry’s Balcony

No one would describe this trail as a gentle boulevard, but it did get us up to the snow fairly quickly and was a worthy outing for our trusty trail warrior boots.

Their work is done for the day


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