Let’s work our legs and abs

28 May

Sometimes I just want a workout that gets to the point.  I want a tough workout where I’ll feel the burn and later know that I really worked and challenged by body. 

This workout will do that.

Legs – Plyo – Abs

Legs = 15 reps (single or double leg depending on the exercise)
Plyo = 15 reps
Abs = 30 reps

Starts with a 5 minute warm up before getting into the moves.

1. single leg ice skater lunge – squat jack – hinge crunch

2. pendulum lunge – burpee – side laying oblique v up (straight or bent leg)

3. wall squat (15 seconds at 90 degrees, 10 seconds a bit higher, 15 seconds at 90 degrees, 10 seconds a bit higher, 15 seconds at 90 degrees) – jump tuck – seated leaning back in and outs with your legs

4. three way calf raise: feet forward, toes out and toes in (15 slow then 5 fast) – monster tires – plank oblique crunch (bring your knee to your triceps)

5. extended stationary lunge (back foot on bench or chair) – mountain climbers – bicycle crunch

6. plié squat – high knees –  seated leaning back single leg out-up-in

7. quick single leg squats with jump – wide leg jump tuck – mason twist with weight

Cool down and stretch for 5 minutes.

This should take about 30 minutes.  If you have more time then repeat before moving onto the next set (1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3… etc.)

If you’re not sure what some of the exercises are feel free to ask!

Have fun working out 🙂


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