P90X week 3 recap

14 Jul

Week 3 of P90X is done and I’m glad for it.  If you missed week 1 recap click here to check it out, and here for week 2 recap.

During my 3rd week I follow the same schedule as weeks 1 and 2.  The only difference was my days.  We ended up not having time on Monday to get our workout in so it got pushed back 1 day.  We’re back on track now though in our recovery week.

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: chest & back (52 minutes) and ab ripper x (15 minutes)
Wednesday: plyometrics (58 minutes)
Thursday: shoulders & arms (60 minutes) and ab ripper x (15 minutes)
Friday: yoga x (50 minutes – we only had time for the first half – the more challenging section)
Satday: legs & back (58 minutes) and ab ripper x (15 minutes)
Sundayday: kenpo x (58 minutes)

I felt pretty pooped during this week.  I was glad a recovery week was coming up next.  After 3 weeks of intense work like that my body needed to take it down a notch.

The most challenging workout:  yoga (I was pretty tight that morning)

The most fun workout: legs and back (I worked extra hard during this one using 8 lb weights during all the leg exercises too)

The toughest exercise for me at this time: shoulder press (not a difficult move but I upped my weight to 15lbs)

My favorite exercises during this week: reverse grip chin ups (Once again my favorite because I rocked it again.  Last time I did 7 with Jacob spotting me – this time I did the first 5 with no spot at all just my strength I’ve already built up!)

Ab Ripper X

The ab ripper x workout is done 3 times a week after the 3 strength workouts.  It is 15 minutes long and gets right into the exercises immediately.  There are 11 different moves that you do 25 times.  They are not easy moves either. 

You use your entire core during this workout, not just your abs.  If you want to get a stronger core or get to a flatter stomach this workout will help you get there (with a proper diet and other exercise).

After the 11 intense moves you have about 2 minutes of cool down with some upward dog/cobra and childspose.  I like to do a bit more stretching after because you really work your core hard in the short amount of time.

The first few times I did this DVD last year I wasn’t even able to go through all 25.  Since my core is much stronger now I can do all 25 of each exercise and with more intensity now.


4 Responses to “P90X week 3 recap”

  1. Naomi (onefitfoodie) July 15, 2010 at 3:14 pm #

    nice review!! i am on week two, and back is def getting stronger!! i havent tried to do unassiste pull ups yet, still use the assited pull up machine, but hope to get there soon! i love the plyo dvd!!! I am subbing the insanity dvds on my cardio days too!

  2. Nicole July 18, 2010 at 6:16 am #

    You rock! I’m currently doing Power 90 to work my way up to P90X! After looking over the products though, I’m really digging the new program Turbo Fire so now that is my goal. I will definitely be interested in watching your progress with P90X though! Awesome job!!


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