P90X week 5 recap

1 Aug

Week 5 was the first week in phase 2.  The workouts changed up a bit.  They got tougher, but because I followed the first 4 weeks my strength increased enough where I was able to get through the workouts.

Here are the past recaps:  week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4.

The week went like this…

Monday: chest, shoulders and triceps (55 minutes), abs (15 minutes)
Tuesday: plyometrics (58 minutes)
Wednesday: back and biceps (51 minutes), abs (15 minutes)
Thursday: yoga (90 minutes)
Friday: legs and back (58 minutes), abs (15 minutes)
Saturday: kenpo cardio (58 minutes)
Sunday: rest day (My rest day included running my 2nd half marathon!  Recap to come soon)

Monday and Wednesday’s workouts are the only 2 that changed.  Before on Mondays I was doing chest and back, then on Wednesdays it was shoulders and arms.  The chest workout in this phase is MUCH harder.  The push up variations include a lot of slow push ups and really fast push ups… even 1 arm push ups!  In the back and bicep workout a few more variations of pull ups are added to the standard varieties (wide, narrow, reverse grip).  These more challenging pull ups would not have happened on day 1 that’s for sure.

Kenpo Cardio

When I started this program kenpo was one workout that I just was not looking forward to.  I guess I never got into it before but have actually been enjoying it this time around!

The workout starts with a stretch section that lasts about 8-10 minutes then you go into the warm up.  It seems kind of backwards.  I usually like to warm up before I stretch so that’s weird.  After the stretch and warmup you get into the sections of kick-boxing moves.

The workout includes a lot of punches (jab, hook, cross, uppercut), kicks (front, side, back) and blocks.  There are so many variations and combo put together that you don’t do the same thing twice which is nice.  I’ve taken a kick boxing class before so I was already familiar with the form with a lot of these moves.  A newby might take a few times to get the rhythm of punching and kicking down.

During the breaks (there are about 5 of them) you actually don’t rest, they’re moving breaks.  You do some jump ropes, jumping jacks and X jumps.  The workout keeps your heart pumping and I actually sweat quite a bit during it.

The thing with this workout is that you have to put forth an effort.  I could sloppily punch and barely kick and not get a good workout in, but I focus on the moves and give them a lot of intensity so that I do make my workout time worth while.

That’s one thing I try to think about during all of my workouts.  I make sure to focus my energy on what I am doing so that my time isn’t being wasted.  You get more out of it when your effort is 100%.


2 Responses to “P90X week 5 recap”

  1. Kristen (swanky dietitian) August 1, 2010 at 4:37 pm #

    1 arm pushups!?! Ok, I don’t think I would be able to do that. haha.
    I like that the videos are constantly changing it up. That is what I am stuggling with right now. I love my spin and body pump so I am trying to add in some different stuff to keep it different.


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