P90X week 9 recap

5 Sep

Week 9 of 12 is officially over.  I can see the finish line now… just 3 weeks to go and I’ll have actually completed the entire 12 week program.  I am pretty proud of myself right now, especially since my workout partner dropped off :(.  It’s been tough getting through the workouts by myself but I’m still doing them!

Week 9 went like so:

Monday: chest and back plus abs
Tuesday: plyometrics
Wednesday: shoulders and arms plus abs
Thursday: stretch
Friday: legs and back plus abs
Saturday: kenpo cardio
Sunday: yoga

I stuck with the program much better than I did last week.  Week 9 and 11 actually follow the same schedule as weeks 1-3 of phase 1 did.  Week 10 and 12 will follow the same schedule as weeks 5-7 of phase 2 did.

I knew that I wouldn’t have enough time on Thursday to get through the entire yoga DVD, so I planned according and switched my Sunday (I have a lot of time to myself that day) and Thursday workout.  Boy was I glad I did.  On Sunday I woke up early and went through the entire 90 minute yoga DVD.  I felt GREAT the entire day.  So worth it.

My body was glad to start strength training again after my rest week.  Rest weeks have become tough for me, but I know good for me in the long run.


The yoga DVD is 90 minutes long and is done every week during P90X, with an additional time during the recovery weeks.

The workout is split into 2 sections.  The first half of the workout is the “power” or flow yoga section.  This part really gets you warm, moving, stretching and strengthening.  The workout follows the same vinyasa flow, ending with a different pose to finish each flow (warriors, right angle, crescent pose, etc.).  During each vinyasa you have the option to do a push up when you transition from plank to downward dog.  If you do the push up each time you can get 25 push ups in during the workout.

After the challenging flow half, you move into balance postures, stretches and an ab section.  This half allows you to cool down a bit, but still work your muscles, especially your core muscles.  The ab section is actually pretty challenging and quick.  It’s a little longer than 5 minutes, but during that time you hold the boats, heels and hands to the sky, scissors and a few more for quite some time.  It really gets your muscles shaking and working.

The last few minutes of the yoga DVD end with corpse pose (my favorite), fetus pose and a some ‘oms’.  I usually don’t do the oms at the end, but I sit there with my eyes closed, relaxed and feeling great.  After 90 minutes closing my eyes and laying on the ground feels like relief. 

I figured out for myself the way to get thought the lengthy DVD (the only real downside to it) is to do it when I don’t have other things to do.  When I woke up early and got it out of the way I enjoyed every minute of it because I didn’t have cleaning or making dinner on my mind.  I could just focus on what I was doing in the moment and challenged myself with the DVD.

Yoga is good for the body 🙂

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5 Responses to “P90X week 9 recap”

  1. The Candid RD September 7, 2010 at 3:24 am #

    I think you are right about doing your LONG yoga DVD in the morning, when you have nothing on your mind. When I am doing yoga I tend to get distracted really easily (which is why I do it in the first place, to RELAX, and learn how to live in the moment and focus on breath). It’s much easier to do this in the morning when I haven’t started any projects or added to my “to-do list”.

    Congrats on your success with the p90x series!! I think I’ll have to try it down the road….

  2. RunToTheFinish September 7, 2010 at 12:13 pm #

    I have really enjoyed P90X, but doing it in conjunction with heavy running training I haven’t been able to truly follow it the way the plan calls. Have you posted the results you’ve seen from following it? I’m soo curious what would happen if I had time… haha ok energy to do it

  3. Nicole September 7, 2010 at 1:38 pm #

    I hadn’t thought about the timing of workouts…hm. I do enjoy morning workouts, but I need plenty of time in the mornings to pull it off. Awesome job with the P90x! I am super impressed…still! 🙂


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