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Stability ball and giveaways

29 Jan

Before I get into my workout I did yesterday I’ve got you give you the last move of the day.  It’s been fun getting these together but I’m going to take a mini break from them and work on some other exciting projects.

Your final move of the day finishing with the stability ball theme is the stability ball push up and pull in.  I’ve turned into a sucker for push ups so I really like this one!

As for my workout I created yesterday click here to see it.  It was a 45-minute workout combining all 10 of the stability ball moves for a full body workout.  I really enjoyed it and can definitely feel it in certain muscles today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the move of the day.  Did you try out any of the stability ball moves?  Do you have a stability ball?  Let me know if you want to find a good one.


Something else I enjoyed was this yummy mixture I had for breakfast today.  Oats mixed with wheat germ and flax, topped with banana, brazil nut butter, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds.  Heavenly.

When I got home from work there was a package waiting for me.  I opened up my winnings from Andrea at Andreas Wellness Notes.

I can’t wait to get into reading this book!  Thanks Andrea!

Tomorrow I’ll get my giveaway going.  For now check out Nicole’s Larabar giveaway and Marla’s Scharffen Berger Chocolate giveaway.

I know I’ll be entering both hope hope hoping to win!!

Produce on the brain

28 Jan

Last night after dinner Jacob and I went on a hour long with in with Joe.  It was so nice even though the temperature was in the 40-s, it reminded me of the long walks we take downtown in the summer.  I can’t wait until it’s summer time again and the local farmer’s market opens up.  A 25 minute walk to fresh produce is something I’ll look forward to.  Too bad the waits about 5 months long 😦

I’ll look forward to the fresh berries especially.  At breakfast this morning fresh berries were on my mind.  Since I don’t have any and the farmer’s market isn’t open until summer I settled with some nice frozen strawberries.

Mixed in with the oats was some wheat germ and flax seed.  Topped with some PB and strawberries.  Delish


For some reason I just didn’t want to wake up this morning so I didn’t have time to workout.  Luckily I had time to do my planned workout when I got home.  More on the workout tomorrow though 😉

Today’s move of the day is very relaxing and feels good on your back.  Try out the stability ball torso twist.

Look forward to a giveaway in a couple days!!

Fancy Eggs

27 Jan

Ever since finishing the 100 push up challenge in January I really haven’t minded adding push ups to my upper body strength routine.  Today’s move of the day adds to the challenge of push ups.  The stability ball push up ensures that you use your core strength  too while working your chest.

Let me know how you like it!

I LOVED my breakfast this morning.  I felt like Jacob and I got a fancy meal whipped together in no time.

Jacob’s veggies and eggs with a slide of apple

My veggies and eggs with half a grapefruit

Up close and personal with the veggies and eggs… yumm!


I ran this morning (first time since the half) and I felt VERY slow.  My pace was normal though.  I had originally planned to take a week or two off from running after the half marathon to let my Achilles fully recover but since it didn’t bother me during or after the run on Sunday I think I’ll just do a few short easy runs the next couple weeks.

I’m excited to get more time to focus on strength training!!  Look forward to a routine in a couple of days 🙂

Tuesday is the new Monday

26 Jan

Since I had yesterday off from work today was my Monday.  I don’t know why the first day back to work is always the hardest… at least for me.

Started off great though with these O’s

Toasted whole wheat bagel smeared with PB, topped with 1/2 a sliced apple and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Loved it 🙂

Today’s stability move of the day is amazing!  It’s so difficult but works your abs so well.  Let me know how you like the stability ball pass.

Bout to eat a veggie filled dinner, drink some antioxidant filled red and watch The Invention of Lying with my love.

How Sweet It Is

25 Jan

Thank you all for your comments.  Each one made me smile big time 🙂

I feel like I’ve been pampered since the half marathon yesterday.

Not only because of the hour long massage I had this afternoon but also from the sweet treats I’ve given myself.

I made a nutty peanut butter banana 3-minute cookie yesterday (the idea came from Tina).  It was heavenly and healthy too!  In the microwaved cookie went some oats, egg whites, coconut flour, peanut butter, 1/2 a smashed banana, dry roasted peanuts, vanilla and baking powder.  Nuked for 70 seconds and devoured in… well not quite 70 seconds.

A few hours later I enjoyed some pumpkin pie mousse.  It tasted like pumpkin pie filling minus the crust.  Only wish I had a VitaMix to make blending easier (hint hint Katie;))

Today after dinner I combined a couple of my favorites.

This went on

this to create


Those 2 small bites hit the sweet spot.

Now all I need to do is this – Stability Ball Hip Lift

Double Feature, Oats and Running

22 Jan

This week has FLOWN by.  Jacob and I are never as busy as we were each night and I could really tell I was just wore out when last night showed up.  Spent a nice evening couch potato style.

Because of that Thursday’s move of the day wasn’t posted so today you get a double feature!

Yesterday’s yoga focused move on the stability ball was the side arm balance, and today’s cardio/combo move is the stability ball frog squat n jump.  The great thing about the stability ball is that you can get a full body workout in if desired.  Try all 5 moves from this week for a quick full body exercise routine, or wait until the next 5 stability ball exercises are shown and create a 10-exercise workout.

SO what have I been eating this week??  Well I’ve been lacking in the picture taking department but here’s just some of what I’ve enjoyed.

Just a big ol’ jar of almond butter…

Or maybe a big ol’ jar of almond butter filled with pumpkin oatmeal and granola.

I underestimated the amount of almond butter left in the jar.  It was probably almost twice as much as I’d normally add to my oats so my stomach felt kind of sick for a little while.  The good part – it held me over until lunch time!  Ahh the work of fat keeping me full.

Yummy oats in my polka dot mug.  This morning I added in 2 egg whites for more protein and I was a bit nervous about how it would taste.  However while smelling it cook it reminded me of strawberry balsamic pancakes I haven’t made in a while so I knew I’d end up liking the egg white addition.  Twas good with banana, brazil nut butter and granola.

I love pasta especially when I’m tired and just want to veg.  Since veg-mode was in full effect last night I whipped together this dish: brown rice pasta, herb roasted chicken, kale, tons of onions, garlic, fresh mozzarella and a quick light sauce.  I know it’s a hit when Jacob wants seconds.  Along side we had some sautéed green beans from the freezer… I need to get to the store and stock up on veggies ASAP.

Exercise has been a bit lax this week because of the busyness.  I’ve only ran twice so far since Saturday, both under 3 miles.  I’ll make up for it on Sunday though!  Jacob ran with Joe and I this morning.  It’s nice to have a running partner (other than the dog) when it’s still dark outside.  Plus it’s more fun to have my hubs to talk.  I have gotten more walks in which is nice.  I just can’t resist not going on a walk during my lunch break when the sun is shining.  It brightens up my afternoons.

I’m excited to have the day off from work to get some stuff done around the house that I’ve been putting off.  Joe’s got a vet appointment and I’ve got a date with my kitchen to do some baking (I also have a date with the washer and dryer but I’m trying to stand them up) 😛

The poor unsuspecting pup does know what’s coming in 3 hours.  Haha guess he’s tired from this run this morning.

Stability Ball Move of the Day

20 Jan

Today’s move of the day focuses on your upper body.

Try adding the stability ball Y, T and I to your routine to really work your back and shoulders.

Have fun!