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The run that kept on going

15 Nov

I just entered into week 3 of my half marathon training.  The first  couple weeks have gone by with different strides.  Week 1 was filled with excitement.  I ran 5 times, felt great and followed my plan.

Week 2 was filled with excuses.  I ran 3 times and they felt like pretty tough runs.

Week 3 started on Sunday with my long run – 6 miles.  My little brother (who’s running the half as well) and I set off in the late drizzly morning.  I could tell another tough run was going to happen.  I struggled and had to tell Trevor to not let me walk.  I just wanted to pack up my suitcase and get out of there, but I knew it would be over soon enough if I just kept one foot in front of the other.


I had to play tricks with my mind to get through it – I’d find an object about 200-300 meters ahead and tell myself I only had to run till there.  Once I got there I’d pick a new object.  It actually worked pretty well.

In the end it turns out we were running pretty fast which is why the run was so challenging.  Trevor is a fast runner, but usually slows down for me.  Last week’s 5.5 mile long run was done at 8:40min/mile.  Sunday’s 6.1 mile run was at 8:10min/mile.  Yikes!  I’ve never ran that fast but it explains why I had such a tough time getting through it.

Looks like I’m making my way to the 8min/mile goal for the half marathon.  I just have to make sure I run with my buddy because I know I won’t be moving my legs that fast on my own.

Do you run/exercise with anyone?  Does it motivate you to go faster/work harder? It sure does for me.

Registered and Running

1 Nov

It’s been decided.  I’m now registered for the January 23, 2011 Vancouver Lake half marathon.


I was worried about committing to it knowing that I’d be running it alone this year, but I won’t be alone.  Thanks to those that said they’d be cheering me along during my training. 

I’ve very excited actually.  Training starts today and I’ll be going for a short run during my lunch break. 

I came up with a basic training plan, but will be getting something much better.  In my Fitness Testing class one of my fellow classmates offered to build me a training plan.  He’s a biking and running coach, so I’m stoked to have a specialized plan to work with. 

My main 2 goals for this half marathons are to:

1.  Not get injured – I’ve got to keep my Achilles issues under control this time.
2. Improve my time.  My best half marathon time is 2 hours 3 minutes and some change.  I want to be under 2 hours this time.

With the speed training I’ll be including I hope to accomplish this.  Fun training in the rain begins today!

Come back later today and become a pomegranate pro: how to easily de-seed a pomegranate.

To run or not to run, that is the question.

29 Oct

I’m coming upon a big question.  It’s a toughie and I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently. 

Should I or should I not run the Vancouver Lake half marathon? 

I ran it last year, as my very first half marathon.  My mom and I did great on that rainy day in January.


After that one we decided to sign up for a second to keep our momentum going.  The Lacamas Lake half marathon was in July and was pretty brutal.  The combo of hills and heat made it not as fun and we both hurt after the run.

I was way more excited after the first half.  The course was flat and it was cool (well cold actually).  Registration opens on the first of November and usually fills up that same day, or within a couple days.  If I want to do this run then I can’t doddle around questioning it.

My mom doesn’t want to run it again.  The weather will likely be a bit more harsh this January.  Do I want to run it alone?  My youngest brother is contemplating running it with me.  He is way much much than me, so if we did it together I could hopefully make my time I am dreaming of.

I don’t have any big challenges going on or anything fitness wise to work towards.  I like having goals and challenges.  Plus if I sign up for it I’ll run more which I miss right now.  I need a goal to motivate myself to go on those longer runs.  It’s been easy for me to do 2.5-3 mile runs but I do miss the 6-7 mile runs.

A 12 week training program for it would start on Nov 1st, the same as the  registration date.

I really want to do this run, I guess I just worry that if I do it alone then I won’t commit to training like I want to.  It’s only 12 weeks and I’ve committed to something challenging before that was 12 weeks long. 

So much to think about and ponder. 

Big life decisions huh? Winking smile

The Girlfriends Half Marathon

18 Oct

About 1 month ago I started taking a class at the local community college.  The class is Fitness Testing and I have been loving each day we meet for class.  So far I’ve been learning how to do health assessment/screenings, body composition (BMI, body fat, etc.) and cardiorespiratory fitness testing.  Much more to come in the next month and a half.

As for cardiorespiratory fitness testing we’ve gone through a bike test, a treadmill test and this week we get to do VO2Max testing which is going to be pretty intense.  You run on the treadmill with a gas mask on and EKG hooked up and basically run to your max, at a steady increase in speed and incline.

I’ll talk more about the VO2Max testing after I go through it myself because that’s not what I’m here to talk about today.  Because of my class I got the opportunity to volunteer at a half marathon going on in town.


My mom and I during our first half marathon in January.

The race needed volunteers to help stretch the ladies once they were done and so I joined in on that.  I’ve never volunteered at a race before but am so glad I did.  The women that finished the run were all so positive and happy.  It was amazing to hear about their race and each and everyone of them was proud of how they did.

The race benefitted Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.  Since October is breast cancer awareness month, it was the perfect time to hold this run and I was glad that even though I didn’t take part in the run, I could help out one little bit.


We're finishing up strong during our second half marathon in July.

Other than this event, I’ve never really volunteered for much else.  At least nothing I can think of off the top of my head.  I know that after running 13.1 miles that last thing I want to do is stretch a lot, I’m way too tired.  It was great to help these women out yesterday.  They were all so appreciative too.

Have you ever volunteered at a local fitness event?  Do you volunteer elsewhere?  I know I should volunteer more of my time and I hope to in the future.

My second half marathon

3 Aug

This week my schedule is all out of whack but that’s okay because I am on vacation!  We’re only going to be home for a couple days so P90X will be put on hold for 1 week so that we can stay on track with out workouts.  I don’t want to miss any of them.  Right now I am half way through the program, just finishing week 6. 

On Sunday, July 25th I ran my second half marathon with my mom.  We ran the Lacamas Lake Half Marathon.

This race was much a lot different than my first half marathon in January.  The weather was obviously different in July.  It was a very warm run starting at 8am.  The sun was out the entire time but luckily there was a lot a shading and water/gatorade stops every 2 miles.  It was such a relief having liquids available.

This race t-shirts was cuter and fit better than the first one.

Random fact: My mom and I got the same pink shorts 5 or 6 years ago when we ran out first Race for the Cure run.  We still wear them at each race for the cure and a lot of other runs.  We’re like twins 🙂

When race time came all 771 runners crowded together to get going.

We left the high school and headed down a long hill and started our trek around the large lake.  Starting out I felt good.  I think I felt good for the first 4 or so miles (even though I had to go to the bathroom but didn’t want to wait!).  Around mile 5 the route took a detour off the lake path and up one hill, then up another painful hill (named payne hill).  Finally at the top of the second hill I had to make a honeybucket stop. 

Once we got going down the hill my achilles pain started up but only for a little while.  I was lucky that it went away so quickly.  We were back on the lake trail by mile 8 and starting to feel a bit tired.  When we got to mile 10 I was aching.  It started to feel like mile 12 of my first half marathon.  My knees were getting really stiff.  I know my mom was feeling achy too.

We made it to mile 12 and rounded the corner to go UP the hill similar to the one we started descending from the start.  I remember this hill from a 10 miler I did many years ago.  It was KILLER!  We ended up being able to walk it faster than we could run it.

Some people in the neighborhood had their sprinklers out for runners and there was even a guy watering his plants that would spray runners as they went by.  It felt so good with the hot run beating down!

I was so glad to see the stadium with my dad, brother and sister in law cheering us on. 

But, I was in a lot of pain too.  I don’t know where my knee pains came from since most of my long run pains have been with my achilles but I kept running/limping to the finish.

We pushed to the end….

And finished in 2 hours 9 minutes and 14 seconds with an average mile of 9:51.

My goal of beating my previous time (2 hrs 3 mins 42 sec) didn’t happen but I’m not disappointed by that.  I know we really pushed  our selves and I couldn’t imagine running any faster.  The combination of heat and hills made this race so much more challenging.  

It took me 2 full days to feel back to normal from this.  I was pretty dehydrated from it and running in the heat.  It’s been 9 days and I haven’t run since… maybe I need to go hit the road for a short run.

Fast legs

18 Jun

Wednesday night at the Clark County Running Club 3 miler I did something I’ve never done before.    

I was surprised…    


and huffing and puffing from this!    

I set a new PR!  The exact time I am unsure of but I ran 3 miles in around 22:30-22:40.  Even without the exact number I know for a fact that is a PR for me.  I’m not exactly sure how I did this.    

It must have been a combo of the flat course and rest I had.  At the last CCRC run I did 2 weeks ago my Achilles began hurting (again) so after a couple more runs I took 1 week off from running.  I had only ran the previous Sunday so my legs and body were just more energetic than normal.  Maybe I need to not run as much?  Maybe I just need to take more breaks?    

However I did it I was sure happy.   


Onto other happy news.  The winner of my giveaway for Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day via random “Jacob pick a number” is…… #7   

Jessica F, on June 11, 2010 at 1:42 pm Said: Edit Comment     

I love having what we refer to as ‘poor man’s dinner’ when I’m camping. You know, the foil with ground beef patties, onions, carrots, and potatoes? Mmm over an open fire.    

Jessica congrats!  Send me your address and I will forward it on so that you can get this awesome book.     

If you want to buy this book yourself because it really is an awesome book I’ve added it to my Amazon Store.   


Did you celebrate National Eat Your Vegetables Day yesterday?   

I did at breakfast (sweet potato and beet greens, lunch (mixed greens), afternoon snack (zucchini) and dinner (kale, swiss chard, garlic greens and green beans).    

Soba noodles sauted with sliced chicken meatballs, kale, swiss chard, green beans, garlic greens and a bit of teriyaki sauce.

 After this yummy dinner I was really in the mood for something sweet and had been waiting for just the right time to try my cacao walnut brownie Blue Mountain Organics sent me to sample.    



I LOVE that there are only 5 ingredients in this: dates, agave, cacao powder, walnut and golden Flax.  That is it.  Pretty cool.    

How did it taste, being a raw brownie?  Pretty good actually.  It has the texture of brownie and chocolate-y taste, but I think the agave gave it a different flavor (kind of alcohol like?) that I am not used to in my brownies.     

I gave Jacob a bit of it even though I knew he wouldn’t like it and I was right he didn’t.  I would definitely eat it again though.  The ingredients alone make it a superstar brownie!  Nutritional stats?    


Pretty good for a brownie, yeah?  The individual packaging is nice because it’s already pre-portioned out… sometimes I wish all my baked goods did that automatically too.    

Ever tried a raw brownie?

Wednesday night muddy run

3 Jun

Last night kicked off my first run of the Clark County Running Club Wednesday night 3 mile summer series runs. 

We had rain all day long up until a few hours before the run.  Rain + dirt =one muddy path.  Everyone’s legs and shoes were splattered and covered in mud.  Mine actually aren’t as bad as others.

I made sure to wear my old running shoes just for this reason.

It was a fun run switching from muddy ups and downs to grass and pavement.  This run really had it all.  I annihilated on the uphill.  When I run from my house there’s no way to get away from hills so I’ve learned to love them.  My mom’s mantra I use now too of “I love hills!” probably helps too.  It seems that if you tell yourself you like them they turn out to be not so bad.

I ran the course in 26 min 14 sec.  Great time for me! 

My mom made it to the first run last week and shaved 2 whole minutes off of her time (it must be because I was there :))

When I got home I was starved for dinner and had a couple slices of my french sorrel, basil and mushroom quiche I’d defrosted and baked yesterday.  Mmmm it was so good and easy.

Any fun muddy run’s you’ve done lately?

I’m off to go swim… something I haven’t done in maybe a month??  Here’s to hoping I didn’t forget how 🙂