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How to make custard oats

11 Nov

A few weeks ago I posted my how-to on making egg white oats.  Truth be told I eat custard oats much more often than egg white oats.  Egg white oats give you a ton of volume whereas custard oats give you a more creamy bowl of oatmeal. 

In the past I used to only eat the whites of egg – no yolks please.  Those days are in the past and I regularly eat 1-2 whole eggs a day now.  The yolk is full of vitamins and minerals that help our bodies function properly, plus it’s a good source of healthy protein
An egg a day keeps the doctor away, right? Winking smile

How to make custard oats

Begin by heating your water/milk up to a soft boil (I used 3/4 cup water + 1/4 cup soymilk for 1/3 cup oats). 


Add the oats with a pinch of sea salt, stir and reduce to about medium heat.


Crack your egg into a bowl.  I use 1 egg for my oatmeal.  Beat with a fork until light yellow and a bit frothy.


After about 8 minutes your oatmeal should look like this.  Still a tiny bit watery, but the oats have softened up nicely.


Turn the heat down to low, slowly pour in the egg and stir a lot really quickly.


Keep stirring until your oatmeal begins to get really creamy and custard like.  That’s when you know the egg has cooked thoroughly.  Add any spices, like cinnamon, that you want.  I added peanut flour + some extra milk into this bowl.


Pour into a bowl and top with fresh fruit, nut butters, granola, seeds or whatever you like.  Pomegranates go great with a subtle peanut flavor.


Have you tried custard oats or even egg white oats before?  Which do you prefer?

Did you join in on the mini-challenge?  Those that have, how’s your second day going?  Keep up the good work!

Also, yes it’s a shocker but you CAN train your cat to use a toilet.  It’s a lot of work and persistence at the end, but we’re about 90% there.  It’s the funniest looking thing too.

Energize Yourself with Food

9 Nov

The past few weeks we’ve been in the process of training our cat to use the toilet (again).  We almost got there last year, but with much resistance had to revert back to the litter box.  I look forward to the day I can finally throw out the litter box for good, and not have to clean up any litter for that matter.

Unfortunately for me, with the time change my cat Stoner decided that he still wanted to wake up at his normal time.  Normally he wakes me up at 4:45am, just a bit before my alarm goes off.  Monday morning 4:45 turned into 3:45am.  Usually I’d just put him in the downstairs bathroom where his litter box is and go back to sleep.


Why am I telling this story?  Well because with the potty training he has to be supervised which meant I had to be awake.  Once awake I’m awake for good so I was quite the early bird Monday morning.

I was pretty productive for a few hours, but then my productivity dropped off around 9am and the tired feeling hit.  I’d already had my 1 cup of coffee and didn’t want to rely on more.  If I was home I’d take a nap, but at work that’s not an option.


I opted for food to energize me.  Most of the time when I’m super tired I just crave carbs – pasta, bread or oatmeal are my go to foods.  But when I’m dragging tired I know one food that will actually give me lasting energy. 



I’ve found that when I eat a spinach salad with nuts, fruits and/or other veggies I become instantly energized.  Same goes with green smoothies. 

Green Monster

I put as much spinach in them as possible along with banana and peanut butter and after a few minutes of blending I have energy in a cup.

Vegetables are full of water which helps keep you hydrated.  Put that together with the enormous amount of vitamins and minerals you get from vegetables and it makes sense that they would be an energizing food.

Try this – the next afternoon when you’re ready to go for that extra cup of coffee, eat a small spinach salad with some sliced apples and almonds on it.  Drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes.  I bet it gives you some energy. 

It’s worked for me any times.  Ever since I discovered this I try to keep an extra small salad at work with me just for this reason.  Vegetables really are my go to energy food.

What are your thoughts on this?  Do you think it would work for you?

Become a Pomegranate Pro

1 Nov

Pomegranate season is upon us and this year I’m taking full advantage of it.

Last year I got enough nerve to buy and open up my own pomegranate.  It wasn’t fun and it definitely wasn’t pretty.  This year I was determined to change that because pomegranates seeds (arils) are delicious and along with my produce delivery I received 2 pomegranates and I am not one to waste good healthy foods.

I decided I wanted to learn how to open a pomegranate the right way which would also be the easy and less messy way.  I searched the internet and watched many videos, all demonstrating varying ways to de-seed a pomegranate.  I took a chance on a method of choice.


How to de-seed a pomegranate

1. Take a knife and slice off the top near the stem, about a 1/4 inch deep.


2. Slice into segments (like an orange).  For a small pomegranate I sliced it into 4 segments, but for a large you’ll want to slice into about 6-7 segments.  You should see where the membrane separates the segments, so follow those lines if you can.


3. Fill a large bowl with cold water.  Place a segment in the bowl.


4. Begin to break off the seed from the while membrane.  The seeds will fall to the bottom while the membrane floats at the to of the water.  Repeat until you’ve done this with all of the segments.


5. Once you’ve de-seeded all the segments, remove as much of the floating membrane as possible.


6. Pour into a strainer.


7. Dish up.  Now you’re ready to eat them up!


This method is so much better than my original way of prying the seeds out with my fingers after cutting the pomegranate in half.  Look at the small mess I had – not bad.


I’ve enjoyed munching on these seeds on their own, in smoothies, with veggies and also in a simple fruit salad.


Oh and you can’t forget about on op of custard oatmeal.


How do you like to eat pomegranates?  Any de-seeding tips you’d like to share?  Please do!

Does exercise alone make you active?

14 Oct

Earlier in the week I read this article titled Sentenced to the Chair from Men’s Health.  It was pretty interested and basically said that no matter if you exercise each day, it can’t make up for all the hours you are sedentary.  People with full time jobs where they sit at a desk all day are the people they are talking about in the article.

monitorThe article also mentioned a study that looked at how many steps Americans and many European counties took.  The results showed that the more active you were in daily life, the better you were in the long run compared to those that were sedentary most of the day and had “planned exercise”.

Sadly I am one of those with many sedentary hours.  My job leaves me sitting almost all day long.  After reading this article I’ve already made some changes at work to make me more active throughout the day. 

Get up at least once an hour.  That’s a pretty simple goal, but I know I can get pulled into a project staring at my computer for more than an hour.  What I do to make sure I get up at least once an hours is to drink a boat load of water each day.  That way my body makes me get up and run to the rest room.

File more often.  This is a part of my job that isn’t very fun but this week I haven’t minded filing one bit.  I get to stand or kneel while I file so I’m not sitting around.

Instead of calling to ask a question, get up and walk to the person’s office.  It can be so much easier and quicker to just call someone in the office when you have a question, but I’m trying to make a point to walk over to them.

Take a stretch break mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  I did this for a while back in the summer and am going to implement it  back starting today.  Sitting in a chair for so long can really make you feel stiff so I’ll be stretching my entire body for about 5-10 minutes a day.

Those are just a few little changes that will add up throughout the day and make me feel better because I’m not just sitting all day.

I’ve also been really trying not to slump over towards my computer.  If I keep my abs engaged and shoulders back I end up feeling less stiff in my upper back.

What’s your activity level like through out the day?  Do you take any extra actions to move more each day?

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I need my endorphins!

23 Aug

The past weekend has not included one of my favorite activities – exercise.  For personal reasons I took 3 days off from exercise.  Even though I am in my recovery week with P90X, the scheduled workouts did not happen and I won’t be back tracking through them.  I am not injured or sore, but had other things going on.

The bad part about this – I felt grumpy.  I need my endorphins!  Exercise gives me energy and a good mood.  I guess it’s my drug of choice (not a bad one right?).  Without it I can feel unmotivated, lazy and grouchy (poor husband).

Tonight I’ll get my fix and I can’t wait til them!  In the mean time here is how I controlled my grouch monster.

Stay busy
I made myself a big to do list and got a lot of cleaning done around the house.  It helped me not focus on my lack of enthusiasm.

Get in the kitchen
Whether I am cooking or baking, kitchen time relaxes me.  I made a big batch of vegan bacon on Sunday.  It is no substitute for crispy bacon in my opinion but it was super tasty and I will definately make it again!

Get outside
After spending almost the entire day inside I needed to get out on Sunday.  Jacob and I went for a walk with Joe and I immediately felt more chipper from the fresh air and sunshine.

Have some cuddle time
The evening ended on the couch with a DVD playing.  Sometimes a movie distraction with your love ones (animals included!) is the most relaxing and comforting way to end a day.

How do you cope with reduced-endorphin syndrome?  Shopping always helps too but I resisted 😉

I am excited to announce that I am now the Portland Women’s Fitness Examiner

Click here to check out my first article on yoga, flexibility and strength.  I love comments.

Outdoor grillin

12 Jul

One summer time activity I love is cooking outdoors.  Whether it is cooking while camping or grilling on the deck it is always a good time.  On hot days it’s nice to keep the heat out of the kitchen.

Now, even thought I enjoy, I’m not really that good at it.

Upon closer inspection you can see my kale chips becoming much more crispy than I like.

Along with my extra crispy kale chips I grilled Mahi Mahi sprinkled with Caribbean spice and corn on the cob.

It turned out pretty well despite the burn marks I usually get on the corn and crispy kale chips.

My husband actually just got a new charcoal bbq for his birthday so he’s been taking on the grilling duties for the past week. 

Here are some of my personal tips for those that don’t have someone to take on the outdoor kitchen or for times when I’ll be in charge of it again.

1.  Use foil and oil.  Especially when you are cooking something delicate like fish.  It would have stuck to the grates if I hadn’t used the foil with a bit of olive oil spray too.

2. Have a thermometer handy.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell when your burgers or chicken are done, especially if your grill isn’t at the right temperature.  A small electric thermometer has helped me so much.  I don’t know how I lived without it.



3. Don’t mess with your food.  When grilling, or even cooking in the kitchen don’t touch your meat too much.  If you want nice grill marks or for the meat to caramelize a bit to lock in moisture and flavor don’t move it around more than you need to.  Only having to flip your burgers once will get you the best results.

4. You’re outside, have fun with it!  There is something about cooking outside that makes me feel less pressured.  Everything doesn’t have to be perfect.  Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself when you catch a beer can chicken on fire, or something like that 😉

What are some of your bbq-ing tips?

Have fun grilling.

One quick announcement before I head out to admire the grill master…. the winner of the Cherry Chomper is……………………………. #9

eatingRD July 8, 2010 at 11:34 am Edit #

How cute is that?! I would like those stylish stems for wine tasting parties

Congrats Kristen!  Email me your address and I will forward it on so that you can get cherry chomping too.

Thanks to all that entered.