Box Push n Raise

Target area(s): inner thigh, outer thigh, hip flexors and obliques

How to perform the box push n raise:

Start with an empty cardboard box and fill it with some heavy weights.  Starting out I’d try 15-25 pounds.  If you don’t have weights available just try to find heavy objects in your house to fill the box.

Begin standing slightly behind the box.  Lunge toward your left side, and place your right foot against the side of the box.

Begin to push the box to the left using your right inner thigh muscle.

Push the box past your left foot.  Lunge your left foot out to the side again and repeat until you have done this 3 times, or cannot go any further.

Before you switch to the other leg place your hands on your hips and raise your right leg parallel to the ground.

Return your right leg to the ground and follow the same instructions but for your opposite leg.

Repeat on both sides until you have gone back and forth 5 times, or at least 15 box pushes on each leg.  If this is too easy, feel free to add more weight to the box.

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