Warrior I

Target area(s): legs, back, arms and shoulders

How to perform the warrior I pose:

Position your body with your feet 3-4 feet apart.  Turn your torso toward your right foot, and change your foots position to face the same direction as your torso.  Your left foot will be at 90 degrees compared to your right foot.

Lower your right knee no more than 90 degrees.  Engage both of your legs in the pose.  Extend your arms straight up next to your ears.  Keep your torso centered —  stacking your shoulders over your hips (focus on not leaning forward).

Hold the pose for 60 second.  After that hold the pose for 60 seconds but with your left left forward.  Repeat until you’ve done this 5 times on each leg.

Enjoy this yoga pose.


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    […] for the move of the day.  Thursday is the day to focus on yoga and today I bring to you the Warrior I pose.  I hope you enjoy this low-intestity […]

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