Full Body Stability Ball Workout

This is a wonderful low-impact workout if you want to get a full body routine in.  Plus it gets your heart pumping too!

Total length: 45 minutes

Warm up – 5 minutes

Stability ball wall squat – 16 reps

Stability ball plank to pike – 16 reps

Stability ball Y, T & I – 8 reps (5 lb dumbbells)

Stability ball side arm balance – 30 seconds on each side

Stability ball frog squat n jump – 16 reps

Stability ball hip raise – 16 reps

Stability ball pass – 12 reps

Stability ball push up – 16 reps

Stability ball torso twist– 30 seconds on each side

Stability ball push up n pull in – 12 reps

Repeat the circuit 2 more times through – 35 minutes

Cool down and stretch – 5 minutes

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