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It’s a hit!

13 Jan

When your husband say the words- “I’d totally eat these instead of potato chips” and “Did you write down the recipe so you can make this again?”  -you know it’s a hit!

The instead of potato chips were kale chips:

The recipe I made sure to write down before it escaped my brain was creamy spaghetti with veggies and chicken:

Try both of these immediately and you will be very happy

Those crazy yummy eats were from last night.  This morning I had a variation from the norm… well only sort of.  I nixed the banana and went for blackberries, pumpkin seeds, home made granola, dried fig, wheat germ and the last big spoonful of my roasted almond n cashew cinnamon butter.

This was devoured very quickly… so quickly I may have to try it again tomorrow morning 🙂

Tonight’s shrimp enchiladas are just finishing in the oven and I’m off to my relax with my Jacob for the night once he finishes up his yoga.

Today’s move of the day is the shoulder press.  I did a lot of these yesterday morning and boy do they kick your shoulder’s butt!  My shoulder’s were quite sore during my 5 mile run this morning.