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Wednesday’s Weekly Workout Mini-Challenge: Doubles

10 Nov

So far I’ve gone through 3 weekly workout mini-challenges: pull ups, squats and kitchen lifts (calf raises).  I hope some of you have taken part in them too!  It’s been an easy and not overbearing way to move a bit more throughout the day. 

I have a big challenge I’m working on that will kick off my 2nd year here on Get Healthy with Heather.  More on that fun challenge soon, but for now I’m going to combine 2 recent challenges for this week’s workout mini-challenge. 

I found the most benefit to come from the pull ups and squats.  The pull ups will stay at the bathroom station, but the squats will move to my kitchen station.  I like variety so having both of these going on for the next 7 days will be a fun change.

Doubles Workout Mini-Challenge

I set up my pull up bar in the bathroom door so every time I go to use the bathroom I have to do 2 pull ups.

I’ll switch between close grip pull ups and chin ups for a bit of variety.  Again I’ll try to incorporate a few wide grip pull ups because I have a never ending battle with those.

Check out the original post for modification to the pull up bar exercise.

CIMG4143 CIMG4144

In the kitchen I’ve set up my squat station.  I put a note on my fridge that says –10 squats – so each time I go into the kitchen I do 10 squats.  Easy as that.

I’m leaving out my 10 lb kettlebell this time just because I don’t really have a place to put it in the kitchen.

Squat 1Squat 2

Make sure your knees do not go forward beyond your toes, so you’re really sitting back and down during this exercise.  Keep your core stable by contracting your abs.

This week will focus not only on one muscle group but multiple with the upper body pull up and lower body squat.

What challenge will you take on for the next 7 days?

10 Minute Upper Body Interval Workout

8 Nov

During my first week of half marathon training I ran a total of 5 times.  Wow – that’s a lot for me!  Since I’ve been dedicating more time to running I’ve been including a few more super quick interval workouts instead of my longer strength workouts.  Most of the time I do body weight exercises and really give them my all during each intervals.

Intervals have been so much fun for me lately.  It’s easier to push yourself knowing that you only have to do the exercise for 20-50 seconds. 

Let me know if you try this one out.  I was feeling the workout in my triceps, shoulders and chest the next few days after completing this 10 minute workout.

It’s super quick but super effective.

Set the timer for 15 rounds with 10 seconds of rest and 30 seconds of work (if you don’t have an interval timer here’s a link to a free online interval timer).


There are 5 exercises you will do, 3 times through.  You won’t get much rest – just enough time to get ready for the next exercise.  If you need more than 10 seconds rest you can change your interval timer to allow for more rest.  Your workout will be longer than 10 minutes then.

Write down how many of each exercise you do.

10 Minute Upper Body Interval Workout

1. Tricep pushups

Begin in a high plank position with you arms close to your body.  Keep your body in a straight line and lower your chest to the ground (or as close to the ground possible), while bending your elbows back.  Make sure to keep your elbows close to your body and use your triceps to push back up to the starting position.

*Modification: Do this on your knees


2. Swimming supermans

Begin laying on your stomach with legs and arms extended.  Swim your arms out to the side and around (like a breast stroke) and lift your chest up, arms back and legs up.

*Modification:  Keep your legs on the ground and do not lift up as high


3. Legs elevated high plank to low plank

Begin with your feet on a chair, hands on the ground at shoulder width.  Hold your body in a straight line.  One arm at a time, drop down to your elbows.  Once you are on both elbows, press up back to high plank, one arm at a time.

*Modification: Keep your legs on the ground instead of elevated.


4. Pike press

Begin in an upside down V position, hands a bit wider than your shoulders, legs out wide.  Bend your elbows and lower the top of your head to touch the ground (not your forehead).  Press back up to the starting position.

*Modification: Do not lower your head to touch the ground, just as low as possible.


5. Mountain climbers

Start in plank on your hands and feet.  Jump your right foot forward, then switch to your left.  Switch back and forth as quickly as you can.

*Modification: Instead of jumping quickly between your feet, slow it down into a step between feet.


Fancy Eggs

27 Jan

Ever since finishing the 100 push up challenge in January I really haven’t minded adding push ups to my upper body strength routine.  Today’s move of the day adds to the challenge of push ups.  The stability ball push up ensures that you use your core strength  too while working your chest.

Let me know how you like it!

I LOVED my breakfast this morning.  I felt like Jacob and I got a fancy meal whipped together in no time.

Jacob’s veggies and eggs with a slide of apple

My veggies and eggs with half a grapefruit

Up close and personal with the veggies and eggs… yumm!


I ran this morning (first time since the half) and I felt VERY slow.  My pace was normal though.  I had originally planned to take a week or two off from running after the half marathon to let my Achilles fully recover but since it didn’t bother me during or after the run on Sunday I think I’ll just do a few short easy runs the next couple weeks.

I’m excited to get more time to focus on strength training!!  Look forward to a routine in a couple of days 🙂

Stability Ball Move of the Day

20 Jan

Today’s move of the day focuses on your upper body.

Try adding the stability ball Y, T and I to your routine to really work your back and shoulders.

Have fun!

It’s a hit!

13 Jan

When your husband say the words- “I’d totally eat these instead of potato chips” and “Did you write down the recipe so you can make this again?”  -you know it’s a hit!

The instead of potato chips were kale chips:

The recipe I made sure to write down before it escaped my brain was creamy spaghetti with veggies and chicken:

Try both of these immediately and you will be very happy

Those crazy yummy eats were from last night.  This morning I had a variation from the norm… well only sort of.  I nixed the banana and went for blackberries, pumpkin seeds, home made granola, dried fig, wheat germ and the last big spoonful of my roasted almond n cashew cinnamon butter.

This was devoured very quickly… so quickly I may have to try it again tomorrow morning 🙂

Tonight’s shrimp enchiladas are just finishing in the oven and I’m off to my relax with my Jacob for the night once he finishes up his yoga.

Today’s move of the day is the shoulder press.  I did a lot of these yesterday morning and boy do they kick your shoulder’s butt!  My shoulder’s were quite sore during my 5 mile run this morning.

Upper Body Move of the Day

6 Jan

Morning all!

Are you in for a good chest exercise?  Try out today’s move of the day – the chest fly.

Happy Wednesday

Black Rice

23 Dec

Last night I did push ups for Day 2/Week 6.  Having a day off from push ups really made a huge difference.  Once I finished the push ups I did my move of the day.  I love the bent leg ab lift.  I ended up doing more than I put down on the instruction page.

While I was exercising dinner was simmering away.  I had half of a can of crushed pineapple in the fridge I needed to use up so I tried something new.

I cooked the black wild rice with the crushed pineapple then added some diced steak, red onion and chopped spinach.

The rice could have cooked longer but the flavors were delicious.

I’ll get an update about the chirp appt yesterday once I run tomorrow.

Here’s your move of the day — Overhead Tricep Extension

Hope you like it!