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How to make custard oats

11 Nov

A few weeks ago I posted my how-to on making egg white oats.  Truth be told I eat custard oats much more often than egg white oats.  Egg white oats give you a ton of volume whereas custard oats give you a more creamy bowl of oatmeal. 

In the past I used to only eat the whites of egg – no yolks please.  Those days are in the past and I regularly eat 1-2 whole eggs a day now.  The yolk is full of vitamins and minerals that help our bodies function properly, plus it’s a good source of healthy protein
An egg a day keeps the doctor away, right? Winking smile

How to make custard oats

Begin by heating your water/milk up to a soft boil (I used 3/4 cup water + 1/4 cup soymilk for 1/3 cup oats). 


Add the oats with a pinch of sea salt, stir and reduce to about medium heat.


Crack your egg into a bowl.  I use 1 egg for my oatmeal.  Beat with a fork until light yellow and a bit frothy.


After about 8 minutes your oatmeal should look like this.  Still a tiny bit watery, but the oats have softened up nicely.


Turn the heat down to low, slowly pour in the egg and stir a lot really quickly.


Keep stirring until your oatmeal begins to get really creamy and custard like.  That’s when you know the egg has cooked thoroughly.  Add any spices, like cinnamon, that you want.  I added peanut flour + some extra milk into this bowl.


Pour into a bowl and top with fresh fruit, nut butters, granola, seeds or whatever you like.  Pomegranates go great with a subtle peanut flavor.


Have you tried custard oats or even egg white oats before?  Which do you prefer?

Did you join in on the mini-challenge?  Those that have, how’s your second day going?  Keep up the good work!

Also, yes it’s a shocker but you CAN train your cat to use a toilet.  It’s a lot of work and persistence at the end, but we’re about 90% there.  It’s the funniest looking thing too.

How to make egg white oatmeal

13 Oct

In the morning when I wake up from dreaming about bed sets, I don’t like to feel like I’m already behind.  When I have more free time at home I try to plan ahead, prep and make my life a bit easier.  I did that with freezer meals not too long ago and it’s left me with more time to bake in the kitchen.   Mmmm snickerdoodle cookies.

I also try to prep my meals for the next day when I’m making dinner or cleaning up the kitchen.  It makes my morning so much less stressful and also leaves me with more time to workout, write, read, study or just relax.  A rushed morning is my enemy.

Sometimes I’ll prep breakfast too, like my warm quinoa or make extra pancakes to re-heat, but most of the time I like to cook a warm breakfast.

It doesn’t have to be tricky, but it does take longer than plopping a plate or bowl in the microwave.

Oatmeal with a whole egg or egg whites cooked in is something I really enjoy.  If you’ve never made egg white oatmeal before then today is your lucky day.  Check out how easy it actually is.  It really adds a ton of volume to your bowl of oats and gives you that fullness factor from the extra protein.

How to make egg white oatmeal

Begin by heating your water up to a boil (I use 1 cup water for 1/3 cup oats).  Add the oats with a pinch of sea salt, stir and reduce to about medium heat.


Separate your egg whites (I’ll use 2 egg whites) into a bowl.


Beat until fluffy with a fork.


After about 8 minutes your oatmeal should look like this.  Still a bit watery, but the oats are softened up.


Turn the heat down to low, slowly pour in the egg whites and stir a lot really quickly.


Keep stirring until your oatmeal begins to get really creamy.  That’s when the eggs whites will be cooked thoroughly.  Add any spices, like cinnamon, that you want.


Pour into a bowl at top with fresh fruit, nut butters, granola, seeds or whatever you like.


While I was making this bowl I actually forgot to add cinnamon.  One bite in I grabbed it and stirred a ton in.  I just can’t live without it.

Do you like to make breakfast in the morning, or do you have something that you re-heat quickly or eat cold?

Can’t get enough eggs

1 Jun

Last week I enjoyed a “cheesy” hummus omelet.  Pretty much the entire week of breakfasts were egg heavy which is a huge change from my standard nut buttery oats.  

The evidence is in…  

"cheesy" hummus swiss chard omelet with a banana and pumpkin seeds

sweet potato - swiss chard - green onion egg scramble

"cheesy" hummus omelet with a sweet potato

The verdict…  

Guilty of keeping me nice and full til it’s morning snack time. 🙂  

Jacob was recently at a local animal farm for graphic design work and was gifted these lovely eggs.  


There are a few jumbo twin eggs in there too.  The farm offers pasture raised chicken eggs.   

The majority of the eggs in our house come from Costco… 5 dozen at  a time.  The price is great, especially because we go through so many eggs in record time.  

I would love to purchase eggs locally but at $4/dozen the cost just doesn’t seem feasible.   

Want to learn more about eggs?  Here’s an article breaking down the differences in eggs you can buy… just a little something to think about when you’re at the store.  And here’s a link to information about the nutrition of the incredible eggs.  

Tell me your thoughts on eggs.  What type do you purchase?

Breakfast and Dinner

2 Feb

I’m glad so many of you enjoyed my post on the basics of meal planning.  It’s something I truly believe in and enjoy doing so if you have any other questions about it please feel free to shoot me an email to gethealthywithheather@comcast.net.

Onward to a Monday morning breakfast…

in a jar…

of peanut butter.

Yum!  My oats were mixed with chocolate protein powder, flax and banana.  These oats were perfect after my quick 2.9 mile run with Jacob and Joe in the morning.

Back tracking to Sunday’s dinner.  Check it out.  It was good.

I baked up a whole wheat baguette (okay not from scratch but the take and bake kind from the store), grilled some spicy pork, opened up a jar of habanero peach salsa, sliced up some fresh mozzarella and avocado and picked out some spinach and made some of these bad boys.  The mozzarella and avocado was nice and cooling against the spicy pork and salsa.  Definitely a keeper!

So amazing… I had the same for lunch the next day.  Wish I had more 😦


Last night’s dinner fulfilled my salad brain.

Shrimp, avocado, mushrooms, bell peppers on spinach with a soy-lime vinegarette and spicy curry sweet potatoes rounds on the side.  SO much salad… I was very full afterward.

This morning after a great leg and back workout I wanted some protein with my breakfast.

Enter veggies and eggs:

Always a winner.

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Fancy Eggs

27 Jan

Ever since finishing the 100 push up challenge in January I really haven’t minded adding push ups to my upper body strength routine.  Today’s move of the day adds to the challenge of push ups.  The stability ball push up ensures that you use your core strength  too while working your chest.

Let me know how you like it!

I LOVED my breakfast this morning.  I felt like Jacob and I got a fancy meal whipped together in no time.

Jacob’s veggies and eggs with a slide of apple

My veggies and eggs with half a grapefruit

Up close and personal with the veggies and eggs… yumm!


I ran this morning (first time since the half) and I felt VERY slow.  My pace was normal though.  I had originally planned to take a week or two off from running after the half marathon to let my Achilles fully recover but since it didn’t bother me during or after the run on Sunday I think I’ll just do a few short easy runs the next couple weeks.

I’m excited to get more time to focus on strength training!!  Look forward to a routine in a couple of days 🙂